Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation: The Truth and All Your Questions Answered

If you are struggling to keep up with your debt obligations, then chances are you are looking for a way to get relief, and consolidating your debt is one of those solutions.

However, more likely than not, your head is full of questions, but worry not, because the Debt Removal Pros are here to answer them regarding debt consolidation options!

Pay attention and learn all about it.

What Is It? – Clearing All Your Doubts

Along with debt negotiation, it is one of the most popular ways of debt refinancing.

As the name clearly tells, it is about consolidating all of your debt payments into only one, with the end goal of getting low interest rates.

However, if you start this process the wrong way, then you will end up paying the same or even higher interest rates and you will be confined in debt for much longer.

As you will be requesting a new loan with new repayment terms, you need a competent and experienced company by your side, so you can receive proper assistance.

Here at Debt Removal Pros we can get you in touch with professionals in Fort Worth who have helped people like you out of their debt problems. Just use our system and get help right now!

Is It Bad To Consolidate My Debt?

Like debt settlement, you need to start the process right from the beginning.

In the case of debt negotiation, if you don’t do it right, then you will get your offer denied and the creditor can even sue you for delinquent debt.

The same goes for consolidating your debt, because if you do not handle it correctly, then you will have a hard time paying your new loan and for a longer period.

In What Scenarios Should I Consolidate my Debt?

Honestly, it should not be your first option for dealing with your financial problems, but there are some scenarios where it might be your unique solution:

    1. Your repayment terms are unfair or just too problematic that make it hard for you to keep up with your debt obligations
    2. Your current interest rate of your debts is very high
    3. You have several monthly payments and want to simply them all in only one.

If you are facing any of these situations, then you are an ideal candidate for this debt relief solution.

Will Debt Consolidation Hurt My Credit Score?

Ironically, this debt solution will affect your credit score positively due to the following reasons:

  • You will register a new loan in your credit history
  • Your previous loans will be set as paid in full
  • If you stay consistent with the payments of your new loan, you will send a positive signal to the system.

As you can see, it will even help you to improve your credit score, but it is necessary to get lower interest rates and favorable repayment terms to make it work.

If you want to get the best loan for consolidating your debt, then here at Debt Consolidation Squad, we will get you in contact with the absolute best professionals in Fort Worth!

Can You Make This Work with a Poor Credit Score?

Unfortunately, the best way to consolidate your debt under better repayment terms and with lower interest rates is by having an excellent credit score.

However, it is still possible to negotiate, but your chances are reduce if your credit score is low. You can contact us and we will see what we can do for you, in order to refinance your debt under better terms.

Is It A Better Option than Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy should NEVER be your first option, because it will damage your financial reputation forever. Even though it will only stay in your report for 10 years, creditors, financial institutions and job applications will ask if you ever filled for it.

Even though it is possible to rebuild your credit reputation after such episode, many financial products will be out of your reach, or if available, will come attached to very expensive premiums.

Consolidation is much better in this sense, because it allows you to preserve your financial reputation and increase your credit score, all while getting out of your debt problem. Learn more about credit counseling here.

Although, remember that you will be in debt for longer.

Bottom Line:

As you can see, it has its pros and cons:

  1. You can re-structure your debt and adjust it to your current income
  2. You can avoid damaging your credit reputation and even increase your score
  3. However, you will be in debt for a long timer.

Anyway, in order to make this work optimally, you need the right consolidation company and here at Debt Removal Pros we can help you to find it. Just use our system and make it happen!


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